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An Alternative Front Garden

Supreme Concrete’s Tuff Turf system retains the appearance of a grassed area with the functionality of gravel or concrete. Approximately 79% of the block area is available for grass, maintaining the look of the lawn it replaces. Specific low growing grass that does not need a lot of mowing can be used to infill the gaps.  Alternatively, if the car is moved fairly regularly, then there are plants you can grow that will tolerate being parked over.  These need to be low growing so the car does not brush them, and tough enough to withstand the occasional running over.  Try creeping jenny, Lysimachia nummularia, bugle, Ajuga reptans and thymes such as Thymus serpyllum. 

Paving over front gardens is certainly a fact of life in many urban areas, and the effects are cumulative, which means they are likely to become more noticeable in the future.  This is a concern because of the increased risks of flooding.


Another costly issue is subsidence.  According to Neil Curling, Senior Subsidence Manager at Halifax Home Insurance, “Hard paving can cause severe subsidence as it stops rainfall getting in the ground.”  This can cause the soil to shrink, especially if it is predominantly clay.


Tuff Turf provides a porous surface, enabling excess water to drain away and maintain moisture levels on the ground.


Environmental impacts are also seen at local level.  “If vegetation is lost from our streets there is less to regulate the urban temperatures,” explains Rebecca Matthews, RHS Principal Environmental Advisor. “Hard surfaces absorb heat in the day and release it at night, making it hot and difficult to sleep.”  This is part of the ‘heat island effect’, which can be responsible for poorer air quality and localised weather conditions, such as thunderstorms. 


Removing front gardens can also have a financial impact.  A Nationwide survey found that the value added to a property by providing a parking space was as much as 8.1%.  However, “If lots of homeowners along a single street pave over their gardens, then the average house price can drop.” London Assembly’s Darren Johnson explains.  Leafy streets attract buyers and make the area more desirable.


Tuff Turf retains vegetation and maintains a green appearance.


If you do decide that you need to park outside your house there are still plenty of ways to keep the front garden green and reduce the impact paving has on the environment.


Make parking green and practical with Supreme Concrete’s permeable paving blocks.


For more information on Tuff Turf please follow the link.

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