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Bollards for every application

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of high quality pre-cast concrete products, Supreme has been designing and manufacturing strong and durable concrete bollards for almost half a century and now has an extensive range of designs to suit most applications.


From the smoothly elegant Windrush and Nene designs, which feature optional visible or concealed lifting rings, to the Orwell and Cam ranges with their rugged exposed aggregate finish, Supreme offers a range of attractive bollard options for any urban or rural scheme.


Every one of Supreme’s bollards features welded steel cage reinforcement for additional strength, but if you need extra security to protect retail environments from vandalism and ram-raiding, the distinctive no-nonsense Swale range is designed for the job.  Complete with attractive annular ring design, these bollards, at one fifth of a tonne each, are a real deterrent to would-be thieves.


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