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Concrete wins every way

Seven out of ten homeowners are still using timber fence posts because they are often cheaper and easier to handle than concrete, but choosing timber over concrete is proving to be a false economy.

Even when treated with modern preservatives, timber fencing posts can rot in the ground and eventually collapse – especially when subjected to stress, taking the fence panels with them – sometimes in as little as 3-5 years.

Supreme Strongcast slotted concrete fence posts, on the other hand, have a typical life expectancy of twenty five years or more, and will continue to provide support for your expensive fence panels whatever the weather. Couple these with concrete gravel boards that keep your fence panels off the ground, and you can expect to get many years of service from your original investment.

As well as keeping your fence panels off the ground and rot-free, concrete gravel boards provide a more secure grounding and will also help to keep unwanted vermin off your property.

We know that recent changes in weather pattern are attributed to global warming, and concrete can help there too. Rotting wood gives off methane gas, which is over 20 times more damaging for the atmosphere than normal CO2. By opting for concrete, you will prevent release of these damaging gases and do your bit to reduce global warming.

Of course normal slotted concrete fencing posts are heavier to handle than timber, but if you opt for Supremelite posts, you’ll save a massive 45% off the weight of traditional concrete posts. They may be slightly more expensive but could save time and cost in installation, so could work out cheaper overall.

So if you are looking for a fence that will last 20 years or more, will provide a more secure and reliable boundary and will help to fight-off global warming – go for concrete every time.

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