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DekBlok & DekPost


DekblokFor uneven ground or raised decking, DekPost provides a rot free alternative to timber. 

DekblokBuilding decking has never been quicker or easier than when you use Supreme Concrete's DekBlok system. Accurate setting out is simplified as there is no requirement for wet concrete or digging post holes and all timber is protected from direct contact with the ground - so minimising the risk of rot or vermin damage.

DekBlok provides a stable foundation for the deck joists and framing, simply position the units on firm levelled ground. This is now ready to accept the framing. The central recess in the DekBlok unit is designed to accept 75mm (3") or 100mm (4") posts while the four way slots are ideal for standard 50 mm (2") support timbers for the deck frame.

DEKPOST Recess H 90mm x 100mm Holes 2 x 10mm

Metric (mm) DESCRIPTION CODE Wish List
450 x 100 x 100 DekPostDP 45010
600 x 100 x 100 DekPostDP 60010
900 x 100 x 100 DekPostDP 90010
1200 x 100 x 100 DekPostDP 120010
Metric (mm) DESCRIPTION CODE Wish List
300 x 300 x 100 DekBlokDEC 001
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