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Enjoy Outdoor Living with DekBlock

DekBlok provides a stable foundation for the deck joists and framing, simply position the units on firm levelled ground and they are ready to accept the framing.  Next choose your deck.


Thirty years ago it was easy to choose the perfect decking material.  People generally chose their deck board from among the few options then available, namely pressure-treated wood, cedar, or, more seldom, redwood.  Back then decking materials were made from 1st generation trees. These trees were slow grown and thus yielded higher density wood which was much more resistant to rot and insect attacks. The wood available for decks 30 years ago lasted a lot longer than that is available today. Modern trees from tree farms that are engineered to grow quickly do not share the same properties as first generation trees, and therefore need the protection afforded by DekBlok.


Whatever deck you choose, support it with Supreme Concrete’s DekBlok and enjoy for years to come.  For more information please click here.

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