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Good Fences Make Good Neighbours – Good Fence Posts Make Good Fences

Strongcast posts and gravel boards look different to wetcast products.  They can be darker and appear to have more surface holes or voids than wetcast products.  This is because the concrete mix has less water and therefore the finer particles do not migrate to the surface as they do when wetcast is vibrated.


Wetcast is generally cheaper to make as Strongcast requires specialist equipment.  The concrete mix has to be controlled within very strict parameters, which is done by computer controlled batching.  However Strongcast is stronger because concrete strength is a function of the water/cement ratio.  Strongcast has a higher cement content and a lower water content.  The additional strength of strongcast means it is less likely to be damaged during handling, making it a more cost effective product. 


The semi-dry mix recipe used in the manufacture of Strongcast also means that the finished product has a very low level of water absorption eliminating product failure due to reinforcement corrosion. 


In addition Strongcast manufacturing methods are flexible.  Production is not limited by the number of moulds so Supreme Concrete can use this flexibility in conjunction with a computerised stock system to maintain availability.


If you want a good fence, start with a good fence post.


For more information on Supreme Concrete’s range of Strongcast fence posts, please click here.

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