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Supreme Concrete tackles SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems)

In addition to the time and cost of a planning application there are environmental implications with laying a non-porous surface.  The harm caused by paving gardens is not limited to just flooding. Hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt collect pollution (oil, petrol, brake dust etc) that is washed off into the drains. Many drains carry rainwater directly to streams or rivers where the pollution damages wildlife and the wider environment. In older areas the rainwater may go into the foul water sewer which normally takes household waste from bathrooms and kitchens to the sewage treatment works. These overflow into streams and rivers in heavy rainfall.  As more water runs into foul sewers from paved areas there are more frequent overflows, passing untreated sewage into watercourses.

The modern solution is permeable driveways, such as those made from Tuff Turf or Perma-Bloc.  These can be more attractive than an expanse of concrete, and do not necessarily cost more or require a lot of maintenance.

Supreme Concrete produce two systems designed to increase the strength of a surface so that cars can drive over it without causing ruts. The Tuff Turf reinforcement system retains the appearance of a grassed area with the load bearing strength of concrete.  Approximately 79% of the block area is available for grass, maintaining the look of the lawn it replaces. Specific low growing grass that does not need a lot of mowing can be used to infill the gaps.  The Perma-Bloc system enables water to drain through voids, cast through the concrete block.  They are available in a range of colours and can be filled with an aggregate of your choice to complement your property.

The environment has always been at the heart of Supreme Concrete’s approach to business; from the raw materials used to make our products, to efficient production and distribution. With these two products we hope to pave the way towards greener front gardens.

For more information on Tuff Turf please follow the link. 

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